A Rush of Blood to the Head


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    A Rush of Blood to the Head

    Post by Daius on Mon May 11, 2009 9:00 pm

    5:00 am the radio alarm goes off. Roxanne is playing loud and it awakens the 18 year old sleeping soundly in his bed. He rolled over and struck the alarm to shut it off. It was early on a saturday morning and he had to work. He dumbly fumbled for his glasses on the nightstand beside his bed and placed them over his eyes, making the fuzzy outline of his room in the dusk of the morning clearer to him.

    He slowly rose out of his bed and changed into his clothes for work. It was only a 4 hour shift, he didn't plan on showering since he showered the night before. He yawned loudly and shuffled out of his room, grabbing the car keys on the counter in the kitchen and a granola bar for breakfast. He made his way out into the garage, opening the door to his car and getting in. He pushed the garage door opener and revealed the foggy dusk that came crawling into the garage. The fog was incredibly thick. He couldn't see anymore than 5 feet in front his him. The boy's red hair hung in front of his face as he sighed and started the car.

    He slowly ventured down the road. As he did, He watched cautiously down the road to see any headlights coming his way. The sun was now coming up, so it was bright enough to see, but the fog was so thick, it made it eerie to drive down the road. It was almost like Silent Hill, he thought to himself.

    He pushed the CD button on the main console of his car and the whirring and clicking of the CD player could be heard. After a few seconds, The Coldplay CD he had forgotten in the car (again) started to play. The song that started to play was A Rush of Blood to the Head. As he drove, he listened. He listened to the words, the guitar, the beat. It all seemed so, how he put it, fitting with the situation of his drive. He didn't know why, but he felt like he was driving though a movie. The fog would lighten up in some places as the song started to get more epic, then would get thick as the song slowed down and became softer.

    It was all these coincidences that sent a weird chill down his spine. It felt good. It made him feel, humbled. It felt like it was going to be a good day...

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