Jacken Crowfoot


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    Jacken Crowfoot

    Post by Trevlac on Wed Sep 23, 2009 3:26 am

    Jacken Crowfoot

    Class: Performer / Black Magician
    Job: Con-artist

    My name is Jacken Crowfoot, I isolate potential clients and liberate them of any excess funds or assets for a living. You might call me a "wealth attainment consultant"; most of my time these days is spent in my living room shaving off pieces of crystallized mako into natural ore gathered from the mines of Nibelheim. I grew up in the slums of Sector 0, which replaced pretty much all of Edge and the legendary Midgar of old. Life was hard growing up with such strict, good-natured, and God-fearing parents in a gang infested slum where every day was a gamble for your very life. Most people would feel that they had no control over their lives but that's now how I do things.

    Oh, I almost forgot; Jacken Crowfoot isn't my real name but an 'artist' of my particular flavor can't go around getting his jollies with his birth rites. At this point I've gone under so many names it almost doesn't matter. In High School psychology and sociology classes, I enrolled as Travis Perrol. There's nothing wrong with living a double life; it's the triple and quadruple lives that get you caught. I pack a different bag depending on who I need to be that day. I've always taken advantage of the simple at heart and mind, feeling them a blessing to my God-forsaken existence.

    Well after High School, I went into college to study criminal law and I got pretty in-depth into con-artists. The subject had a certain, how we say, personal appeal. I had always gotten into small stuff when I was a teenager and young adult--lottery scams, ore salting, and even a neighborhood Ponzi scheme once. All of that education only taught me to better get away with it. I dropped out in my [=====] year and changed my name, hair color, eye colored contacts, and lost an immense amount of weight to the point of anorexia. My height was average, my skin was supple, and my hair was medium-long. All perfect for looking anywhere from 18-26. I've been a 17-year old girl, a 35 year old man, and everything in between.

    Fast forward to last year, big mistake. I took an off-the-cuff job, a real bank heist. I had the perfect plan and then the network infiltration expert decided to forget that banks don't have sshd running natively; what a putz. He took the bait and ssh'd into their virtual console. The local law enforcement was on us like a released inmate on a hooker. Some messy stuff went down and I killed for the first time in my life. Killed every single peace officer and my entire crew. I kept changing disguises so fast, no one knew who I was, why so many different people were popping up with different weapons in different clothes killing members of both parties that it was absolute chaos for them. Since I don't officially exist anymore, it makes it difficult for the authorities to find me.

    But what do I want out of life, you know? That's the real question. Not where I've been but where I'm going. I think the answer to that is "goin' nowhere fast". I'm on the move to enjoy life as fast as possible like anyone else, and being the type of consultant I am, I can do that rather lavishly. I'll go where the suckers are and where there's a good source of capital. Maybe one day when I get middle aged and remember how old I am, I'll get me a nice female and settle down--abandon my less than savory ways if you will.

    I guess if I had the choice though, I'd wield destructive forces of the arcane with power such that all others would tremble before the might of my ancient might...*ahem* pardon me. Carried away.

    Can I just say "average" and be done with it? I mean, I've got brown medium-long hair, hazel eyes, white skin, about average height, young age. I'm not divulging my stats here, people. I dress rather nice most of the time I suppose, my hat's a rarity though. I do so love painted fingernails I have to say. Makes me feel tingly inside.

    A sword breaker. No decorations, not even cleaned. Sharp tip, typical bar-crossguard. Uncomfortable wrapped hilt. Small bulb pommel.

    Iron Bangle
    > Bolt 2



    • Statufied - Status effects on opponents last longer and are more potent.
    • Tango - Random decrease in all traits of one enemy.
    • Ribbon - Status effects are nullified.
    • Dance - Cast all magic free of cost.


    • Absorb - The magical source of others is not safe from a Black Magician. They have the power to sap you of a little of your magic weave.

    Invasion: (Darkness)

    Bronze Bangle

    Gil: 510

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    Re: Jacken Crowfoot

    Post by Ordin on Wed Sep 23, 2009 3:35 am

    a-motherfuckin-proved. god damn.


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