Alaric St. Ives


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    Alaric St. Ives

    Post by Toothpick on Wed Sep 23, 2009 8:59 pm

    Alaric Ignacio St. Ives

    Career: Gladiator
    Job: Knight-errant

    Alaric's father, a trader in fabrics just outside of Rocket Town with a powerful imagination, filled him as a lad with tales of knights, or warriors called to aid the defenseless, full of martial prowess, infinite generosity, and the strength to act. Alaric, perhaps, took these stories a little bit too much to heart. As a young man he was outspoken and cheerful, often found following anyone he could around, regaling them with tales of nobility at the top of his lungs in his startlingly booming voice, often to their embarrassment. he encountered a band of violent thieves who set upon his father as he was picking up some fresh silk from a caravan. Alaric felt powerless as the men gleefully stripped his father and the caravan of all their goods, but when one of them found his father trying to save his wedding bracelet in his mouth and punched him, Alaric went berserk.

    With a roar, he wrenched an exotic pole-arm from one of the startled bandits and decapitated the puncher. In the chaos that followed, he lost part of one ear to a stray bullet. But when the dust cleared, he was alive and they were dead. As he looked down on the mangled corpses of the criminals, Alaric felt something akin to ecstasy. He had been tried, and had not been found wanting.

    After getting back to town, Alaric offered his services as a bodyguard, protecting villagers from bandit attacks and corporate intimidation. Despite a habit of going on for hours about the great victories of military history and retelling his favorite tales of valor, he gained a solid reputation for courage and devotion. The poverty of Rocket Town meant he was paid little, but as 3 years went by he finally had enough gil to ensure his father's safety from bandit reprisals by sending him to live in secret in the distant city of Junon.

    As Alaric crushed his father in a massive embrace outside the yacht, tears rolled into his new-grown beard.
    "Know that throughout all my travels, throughout all the danger and bloodshed I will endure, throughout the bad days spent under the searing sun and the blistering cold, and throughout the good days full of mead and celebration, I will always hold you next to my heart. May your store forever thrum with commerce, Father."

    "I love you, son. Be careful."

    And when the great ship sank below the horizon, he strolled off with a swagger, down the road to his destiny.

    Alaric is broad-shouldered and barrel-chested, being a little more than six feet tall and having developed a bit of a gut through a weakness for well-buttered potatoes. His hair is brown and often windblown, although his newly-grown beard is shot through with deep auburn. He has dark, laughing eyes. He wears a durable brown hooded cloak over deep green military fatigues and a pair of thigh-high jackboots, mirror-black.



    A crescent-bladed bardiche about 5 1/2 feet in length, blade a little more than 2 feet, used primarily as an anti-cavalry weapon.

    Bronze Bangle



    Bolt 2


    Leech X 2

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    Re: Alaric St. Ives

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