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    Career: Gladiator
    Job: Jack-of-All-Trades.

    Priest, born Johnny Teufel was an orphan in Edge. His parents were eaten by a Midgar Zolom, leaving him to raise himself on the streets. Despite his poor social standing, Priest was of sharp wit. He was one of the fastest talkers around. He had a sharp tongue and carried an even sharper blade. By the age of fifteen, he had already killed several men single-handedly. He grew up as a thug and eventually became a murderer. People feared him. He was chased from Sector 0.

    From then, he wandered around the world. With no purpose, or lot in life, he simply moved from city to city, picking up odd jobs, or, when a job wasn't available, he'd simply take what he wanted. Without regard for human life he became a fugitive. A high bounty was placed on his head. Higher than had been before, and well-known bounty hunters from around Terra were seeking him out.

    Then, one day in the mountains between Junon and Kalm...

    From the perch of the tree Priest was sleeping in, he saw a group of men marching up the side of one of the hills. It didn't look too good... Grabbing his blade he lept down, and snuck up the opposite side, making sure to stay out of sight. From here, he listened. They were after him. They were bounty hunters. Just like the rest.

    Jumping out from aside the boulder he took refuge behind, he cut down the nearest man. He had the edge on them, easily. Before they even noticed, he had killed another with his sharp sword.

    Then, it was their turn. There was a mage in the group. He rose is hands, moving them in a peculiar pattern. A great fireball erupted from his hands and shot directly for Priest. With a skillful flick of his blade, the ball was deflected onto the ground. The magical fire caught the snow ablaze and in moments there was a great flame enveloping the area around them.

    The bounty hunter named Zek shooed his apprentice down the hill and then faced Priest, his face distorted in anger.

    "Why have you done this?" Zek questioned. With a smirk, Priest replied "You were after me... I had every right to protect myself."

    Zek couldn't find the right words to say. Choking on half a sentence, he gave up talking and drew his gun, but Priest was too quick for the rifleman. Lifting his blade high into the air, he speared it into the bounty hunter's skull and 'served-a-bowl-of-rice' his head right off.

    Wiping the blood from his blade, Priest scanned the hills for the boy. He was in the trees, thinking he could hide. With a wave, Priest grabbed some Gil from his kills and set off to his next destination. Maybe the boy would grow up and come after him. Wouldn't that be fun?

    Priest has messy straw colored hair (covered by a pin-striped hat) and blue eyes. He's tall and lanky, standing at about six feet. Over his thin, muscular form he wears a large pin-striped coat and black drainpipe pants over red converse-style shoes. He loves fighting, and those who have escaped his wrath call him "the Satanic Priest" for his face contorts into an image of pure hatred in his state of battle-induced euphoria, and he fights with the brutality of a demon.

    An old blade Priest took from a swordmaker's trashbin. While the smith may have thought the blade unworth, it has suited Priest's uses perfectly over the years and has proven to be the only one he could truly trust. It's a wide, battered blade about 3.5 feet long. It had a plain hilt, which is wrapped in cloth.

    Titan Armlet
    >> Double-Cut
    >> Fire 3

    X Bronze Bangle

    • Weapon Block - You've been trained to block and parry with a weapon, not having to rely on your armor so much. (Chance to block based on weapon's ATK any time you are attacked)
    • Double-Hand - Large, two handed weapons are wielded with the ease of one handed. Also, double damage is inflicted when one-handed weapons are wielded with two.
    • Armor attack - Gladiators can use anything as a weapon. Including their armor. (Armor rating is used as atk rating)
    • Breaker - Ability to completely destroy the enemy weapon/armor/accessory if chance and strength favors you. (Target enemy's equipment each time you attack)

    • Slash All - Melee attacks target all enemies and have 50% more damage.




    Gil: 640

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    roflstompingly accepted.


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