Status Effects (and the tome of Oblivion)


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    Status Effects (and the tome of Oblivion)

    Post by Trevlac on Mon Sep 28, 2009 4:12 pm

    This is the tome of Oblivion and a complete list of all statuses and their effects.

    NON-Oblivion Tome effects

    Barrier - Defense raised by 50%
    Berserk - Damage doubled and enemy attack targets randomized. Cannot use magic.
    Confu - Attack targets are randomized
    Critical - HP is <= 20% of max HP
    Darkness - Target's accuracy for physical attacks is reduced to 50%
    Death - Instantly kill
    Death Sentence - Same as [Doom]
    Doom - Counter for 60 seconds appears. In 3 turns, target dies.
    Freeze - Same as [Stop]
    Haste - Target attacks twice every other turn
    Mini - Damage reduced by 50%
    M. Barrier - Magic defense raised by 50%
    Poison - HP is reduced by 1/16 every turn
    Petrify - Target does not take a turn. In 5 turns, target is killed
    Peerless - Invincible to all forms of damage
    Reflect - Nullify magic cast on you randomly, cast the same magic at the caster.
    Resist - Nullify status effects.
    Silence - Cannot cast magic
    Sleep - Target skips next turn
    Slow - Target skips every other turn
    Stop - Target does not take a turn
    Toad - Target deals 50% physical damage and cannot cast magic. Despelled within 3 turns.

    Oblivion Tome effects

    Atheist - Target cannot summon
    Bubble - Max HP is doubled
    Brave - Attack increased by 50%
    Decoy - Target ally is the target for all enemy attacks and effects
    Itchy - Target takes 300% more damage from Lightning
    Faith - Magic attack increased by 50%
    Float - Earth based attacks miss
    Oil - Target takes 300% more damage from Fire
    Old - Target temporarily loses their latest job ability
    Reverse - Healing and damage have their effects reversed
    Regen - Heal 1/16 max HP each turn
    Seizure - 1/4 of max HP is lost and given to the caster each turn
    Trouble - Target shares 50% damage inflicted with their entire party
    Weight - Reduces target's evasion to 0.
    Vit 0 - Defense is minimal, all attack against target ignore defense.
    Zombie - Curative items and magic damage the target


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