Alice Eisbrecher


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    Alice Eisbrecher

    Post by Trevlac on Tue Sep 29, 2009 12:20 pm

    Alice Eisbrecher

    Class: Martial Artist
    Job: Student

    On the rainiest, thunderiest, cloudiest, day in Kalm town, out popped a baby girl. She was one of a small population of only 300 people in the little hamlet town. The settlement she grew up in consisted mostly of farmers, brewers, hunters, and tailors. Her father, Mort Eisbrecher was a shoe cobbler and Alice's mother owned a bakery in the pub district. Alice herself could not be supported by her lower-middle class family's income what with several siblings already. She was contracted to indentured servitude of a local farmer named Lee.

    Now Alice's family was always neutral on town affairs—lest they be dragged in—but when Lee tried to touch a young Alice in her bathing suit areas, she attacked him with a shovel and ran back to her father who beat the living daylights out of the old pervert. Once word got out to the rest of Kalm from Lee, and a twisted version no less, Alice was seen as a little thirteen-year-old whore. She was now the black sheep of the town, bringing down the social status of the family.

    When she was sixteen, Alice's father once again had no more income to support the family. Her mother had divorced him and left to Junon, and she was left in quiet little calm with her father. Alice was sent to a martial artist school for free in Mideel. Being the quiet island that it was, the school could afford to run all on its own by the virtue of the exports that brought in capital—so Alice and every other student attended for free and was sheltered for free.

    One year later, at seventeen, Alice has risen fairly well among her fellow students in hand-to-hand, science, math, and psychology. She does her duty to help the export of the island by harvesting fruit, exploring caves for water, hunting for exotic game, and even the occasional boat building. The school itself gives out the rare task off-island for higher ranks. It was at this time that Alice was selected for a job way up north.

    Unlike the typical martial artist or grimy laborer, Alice insists upon wearing lacy dresses of deep violet and black. Plush velvet and shimmery silk are her favorite fabrics, which she drapes over a loose corset and knit stockings. Unusually, having worn these clothes all of her life, it has put a new edge on the training she undergoes—making it just as easy to fight in a dress and heels as in a uniform. If that wasn't enough, she never ties her hair up—the cascade of well-kept yellow hair always swings 'round her back.

    Rusty iron bars strapped to a plate covering thick leather. It's about as dirty in fighting as you can get.

    Mostly metal but set into sections for flexibility, it has a small pneumatic device over the actual knuckles to deliver a machinated blow when the fist is clenched.

    Iron Bangle



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    Re: Alice Eisbrecher

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