A Psychological Profile: Ambition


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    A Psychological Profile: Ambition

    Post by Trevlac on Thu Dec 11, 2008 3:02 pm

    The man named Ambition has forever set himself apart from all other men. He has been stricken down, risen from his own ashes, and destroyed yet again. Reforging himself, the man named Ehrgeiz, with only ambition to his visage, sets a standard for underworld vigilantes. But who is really the man behind the mask? Who is the real person that stalks the trenches of the night, shadowed in obscurity and mystery?

    He is Trevlac Victor Ehrgeiz, but it was not always so. Like many interesting tales, this boy's begins as he is born into a life of gain and plenty, soon to confront loss and wanting. Born as Calvador Victor Calvair, son of Trevlac Victor Calvair and Victori Calvair, younger brother to Valmont Weiss Calvair, this boy experienced the loss of his entire family very young. Before his birth, Valmont abandoned his home of wealth and estate to become a pirate. He had always stolen in his youth, not for gain but for thrill, and the piracy lifestyle offered much to his ever increasing criminal want. He was disowned by his parents upon leaving and had been pronounced legally dead. Shortly thereafter, the estate of the Calvairs was seized by their government in England. During the process, Victori was killed and the young toddler Calvador was left with only his father for guardianship.

    Dark times rolled ahead through childhood as his father, stricken by grief, left him in the care of the state for a yet unknown reason. The state completely abandoned him to a different country altogether - Germany, where he met a family with the names of Ehrgeiz. Since he was not old enough to know his own name, the parents researched into his lineage and discovered the name of his father and mother which they passed to him in the form of Trevlac Victor Ehrgeiz. His life as a young boy grew steadily happier but he always sought a higher place in the world, free from grief. He had been informed, finally, by the state of England the howfores of his original family and the truth was grim.

    The gut-wrenching facts were laid out to this boy of only thirteen. His mother was killed in an attempt to seize control of the Calvair estate. Moreover, his father had not abandoned him but was blackmailed into becoming an unofficial mercenary for the country. He partnered with one known only as Ghedrin during his 'adventures' and was officially pronounced dead when he never returned from the last assignment. It was also revealed that the family surname was in fact Trevlac, not Calvair. His birth name was then, Calvador Victor Trevlac.

    Armed with the knowledge of his family's demise, the happy life no longer sat well with this boy. We see here a transformation already occurring. Here is someone who was not old enough to experience tragedy when it actually happened, only to have it queued up until he could. Facing the inner darkness that grew within his heart, Trevlac decided upon a career as a vigilante hunter. He would stalk those who were corrupt such as the state which tore so much from him. Throughout his life, Trevlac has had many close to him, but one figure stands as a pillar of who he finally became. The government agent known as Sparta Plitzkin. He was a mentor and a new father figure for the inexperienced hunter. Unfortunately, his mentor was ambushed with him during a training session. A group of, and he couldn't believe it at the time, vampires, had killed this person that he trusted with his life just before his eyes, turned him into a monster, and led him into their coven.

    The next few years of his life are not the heroics that one might expect from someone with his unwavering moral convictions. The vampire gang had a complete psychological grasp on him through fear. They played on all of his weaknesses in order to gain control, control which they turned upon him to make the new vampire into a vessel of their sick organization. But one very interesting phenomenon is that this vampire never preyed upon humans, not live ones anyway, and never killed a human in anything other than absolutely necessary self-defense.

    Times changed when he rebelled and finally killed the gang leader, Marco Legount, and abandoned his vampiric sire, Troy. Now that he had experienced abandonment, he could do it to others. It's very important to notice that his most basic core morals have never changed but that he had to become more flexible to deal with the harsh world around him. This is a man who has seen and caused unspeakable horrors, completely undeservedly, and to cope with it all, his mind split into several personalities. At the center, the child-like Calvador remains the pivot upon which all the others must adhere to. The brazen and fearless Trevlac was, as a monument to his father, the way he dealt with threats in the cruel society around him. It made him strong enough to be the silent sentinel and shadowed guardian in the night.

    Parallel to these personalities, others ran deeper. A genetic flaw due to being sired as a Toreador, a "starving artist" type of vampire if you will, he developed a narcissistic personality that has shown up a few times as Vixdas. This is not a veritas side, but rather a more villainous visage which vexes the mind. Suddenly, we have a capacity to do evil, but it is kept in check by mirrors - or lack thereof. Looking into a mirror, Toreadors react to the beauty they see in themselves, Trevlac is not immune to this because of his genetic disposition, and smashing mirrors in what can only be described as a fit of psychotic rage, holds that personality at bay. Still, other personalities have plagued this shattered person.

    Throughout his endeavors as a new vampire, he experienced things which would cause any normal and sane person to become destroyed and feeble. To cope, his mind split into what he can only think of as "The Fool" but most vampires call their "beast". Inside all vampires lies the capacity for pure evil and primal savageness. For this one, it is an agent of chaos. When unleashed, this man becomes completely out of control and possibly a psychotic and homicidal maniac.

    But all is not darkness within this complex character. Carefully peeling back the layers shows a man genuinely building himself upon the idea that life is to be preserved, that evil must not go unpunished, and that trust and honor have their rightful place among the living. While facing innumerable foes of varying power and cunning, he has always stuck to his basic underlying intelligence, wit, charisma, and skill. He has the combat training to pull off what is needed, and the intelligence to do so with almost a certainty for success. Wit is not the last resort, rather, it is plan A, B, and C.

    To those closest to him, Trevlac can be described as a "man of layers". He is a caregiver by nature and his demeanor varies with what is expected or required of him to fit the situation. A chaotically good veneer shrouds this mysterious person. He will operate well outside of the law to accomplish the goals that he deems as right or just.

    Here we have a man with ambition, here we have a man who wears many masks out of necessity, building himself anew when it is needed. We have a man who is a moonlight - only a reflection of what has been given to him. We see someone who, despite the horrid tragedies in his life and despite the despicable atrocities he has witnessed, still goes on to preserve good and abolish evil. Where one can say that many of his enemies have not chosen that path, they seem to believe that the world owes them something because of a great wrong that was done to them, Trevlac instead looks at the world and decides that he won't allow these injustices to be brought upon anyone else. That he alone should bear the pain and burden of loss, suffering, fear, and struggle.

    Trevlac has taken his own darkness and made it into a weapon against his enemies. Where most must hide their inner demons and pretend to be who they are expected to be, this is a man who chooses the fine line. This is someone who takes their own evil and makes it their strength. Trevlac's biggest strength is the ability to self-control. The easy choices are rarely the right ones for him and his actions reflect this. Anyone can make a choice with little consequence easily, but to make a choice where the fate of others is in your hands, to take the hard road time and again, that is what makes him a hero.

    So who is the real man? Is it the heroic Trevlac, the innocent and tender Calvador, or the two darker visages? The answer to this is much more complex, he is not all of them as one might expect: some conglomerated whole which exists greater as a sum of its many parts, but rather is none of them. The man you see is a moonlight, only a reflection of the sun's radiance. To know who Trevlac is, you must know who he is not. The man in limelight is the capacity to change. The real Trevlac is pure, unceasing variable stasis. The real Ehrgeiz is pure, undiluted, Ambition.


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