Lem Auros


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    Lem Auros

    Post by Dimitrius on Mon Feb 15, 2010 6:27 am

    Lem Auros

    Class: Dragoon
    Job: Entry-level Security, Amun-Ra

    Having grown up in Corel, Lem knew nothing but Amun-Ra since the day he was born. His father was always connected to the company in some way- Lem had always known exactly where his life was heading from the day he was born; Amun-Ra. His mother was the dutiful, loyal house-wife, always tending to him, his brother, and his sister. Everything was hunky-dory, and well, boring.

    Lem tried to do more so than just tolerate the existence, but he wanted to get out. He wanted to see the world for what it was, what it is. While he was growing up, his father was always away on business, and his older brother always had field assignments- his brother obviously opting, or rather, forced into the ‘family business’ that was Amun-Ra. His sister was much too young to keep him entertained.

    So, Lem made his own fun. It started off as small things, but these escapades eventually started turning dangerous, which is where it got good for him. He enjoyed the rush- heights is what got him most. The knowledge that one misstep, one miscalculation could drop him, plummeting to ground, goring his body beyond recognition… He fucking loved it. It was like an addiction to him. He craved it. He lived for it- especially if he could die from it. He didn’t understand it, but there was nothing else to him like it.

    He continued with this existence for a long while, but he needed more. Heights just weren’t cutting it anymore. He was planning to leave… when he’d heard his brother had died. He made note of how his brother had died- on field assignment for Amun-Ra.

    So, he started training and learning, to eventually join. Took up something that made use of what drove him, and eventually, he made it in as entry-level security (ESC). Every now and then, it got his blood going, but as always, he wanted and needed more.

    As of now, he’s on his way to Bone Village for an assignment/assessment from HSC.

    Standing at 6’1”, the green-eyed, blonde man keeps his shoulder-length hair in a tight ponytail. Growing up in Corel left his skin rough and tanned, with scars marring his body from his younger days. He wears a standard Amun-Ra Uniform for ESC, but out of that, he wears a plain white shirt, red woolen scarf, and a green field jacket with matching green pants.

    A glaive with a newly sharpened blade on the end- though small knicks can be seen on it everywhere- the metal part connecting it to the wood spirals down the shaft. The pole-arm itself is about as tall as Lem is, 6 feet, and has leather similarly spiraling down its length for easier grip.

    Titan Armlet
    >> Ice
    >> Morph

    Nibelung Ring

    • Jump - Dragoons can jump to whatever height is required to attack their enemy. Some have been, in legend, said to have jumped to a height above 30 stories.

    Enemy Away

    Bronze Bangle

    Gil: 600

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    Re: Lem Auros

    Post by Trevlac on Mon Feb 15, 2010 7:02 am

    Approved. Rad, even.

    Rolled your make-up loot:
    Lightning (LOL?)



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