various ideas for scifi mod


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    various ideas for scifi mod

    Post by Ordin on Fri Aug 20, 2010 3:41 pm

    i've been having a lot of idea for a strange space opera-y hl2 mod i wanna make. i've got this idea for a character, don't have a description, name, or gender yet. i think it might be a girl. so far i've just been using the name "armorer". she's a scientist type that drones on and on about science and loves the applications therein.

    the settings for the game is the north pole of venus, which has been terraformed, since earth is mostly barren, deimos science facility, europa which is partially terriformed, as well as various space stations, frigates, slip-gates, and other stuff. i think the general outline of the plot will have something to do with the main character getting thrust into a conflict between a military super power and rebel group, and switching allegiance between the two a couple times. i'm not really sure though, it feels pretty cliche. if anyone has any other ideas, ideas for characters, weapons, locations, anything, tell me.

    the main character is going to have an HEVish power suit he probably obtains for the purpose of a space walk, or he commandeers it from the science facility he works at after he says "fuck this shit, i'm getting out of here". anyway.

    story at this point: the group the main character is with escaped from a particularly heated battle with the Consul's forces by cutting off a pilot's head and using his eyes to steal a military frigate. Consul battle sloops chase them, doing a lot of damage to the frigate. Everyone begins piling into escape pods as a warship charges a supermassive coilgun to annihilate it. Main character hops into the pilot seat to attempt to buy some time. the rest of the team escapes just as the ship is hit by the railgun projectile. MC is flung out into space and is picked up by a Consul ship where various things happen. Eventually he escapes and fights his way out and is picked up by a passing rebel cruiser which happens to be towing his old friend ARMORER.

    Oh, look at you! I never thought I’d see you again! Not after the Consul nuked our frigate anyway. Well, glad you made it back to me safely. Hey, come over here; while you were away we commandeered some new artillery. Raided an outland armory in retaliation. They were really understaffed. (LAUGHS)

    Anyway... this (ARMORER HEFTS A VICIOUS LOOKING GUN) is the H-73 Infantry Weapons System. Pretty much everyone calls it a Gauss rifle even though it’s actually a rail gun! Christ, the nerve of people man. Whatever. Call it what you want. (ARMORER ROLLS EYES) The great thing about it is that it’s recoilless; it uses a pair of spinning rods to magnetically charge metal spikes and project them at high velocities. Typically there’s a specially designed, aerodynamic round used in it, but it’ll fire pretty much anything you stick into the chamber. Since it’s magnetically powered you can even shoot it in SPACE! (EXCITEDLY) FUCKIN’ SPACE!

    (HANDS PLAYER H-73) It’s way better than that ancient Nagant you’ve been using. I don’t even know where you found that thing. Gimme that. (GRABS NAGANT AND TOSSES IT ASIDE)

    OH! To help with that, there’s this: (SCOOPS UP A HANDGUN SHAPED PIECE OF EQUIPMENT) this is an Alchemizer. It takes matter and rearranges it in different ways, to make simple things like nuts, bolts, rivets, sheet metal. Nothing too complicated; it’s typically used in construction jobs. This one’s been modified for military applications: point it at a piece of metal and press the trigger and ZAP you’ve got bolts for your H-73. Try it out.

    Isn’t that cool? You would think you could use that on humans, rearrange them into a mass of organic goop, right? Well, coincidentally organic matter has, well, I don’t want to say a “Life Force”--that’s sounds hokum--but, there really isn’t another word for it. You see, organic matter resists atomization. That’s why we have to use MLFs for slip-gate travel: they resists the de-atomizing effects of worm holes and what not. We tried it with regular frigates back when the slip gates were still prototypes and the bodies of the irradiated pilots got spit out the other side in a spray of plasma. I tried to tell them but NOOOOOO.

    MLF is an acronym for Modified Life Form. They're cybernetically modified organic life forms created for the sole purpose of slip gate travel. Not sentient: their nervous systems were grown in the fashion of a computer, used for storing and retrieving data, entering flight coordinates, and management of life support and weapons systems.

    Story so far: I'm pretty hazy on this. it'll be during MC's first slip-gate flight. I don't know at what point it'll be, or where they're going, but I think it'll be before their frigate gets destroyed.

    Around the time Venus was colonized Earth was getting into the habit of building and launching most of it’s ships from orbit. We didn’t need something that was aerodynamic since very little velocity was necessary to escape the gravitational pull. A lot of old timey sci-fi movies depicted space crafts as really sleek and sophisticated looking, but that’s stupid! You don’t need to worry about air drag since there’s no atmosphere! You don’t even need to worry about weight since there’s no gravity! Fuck. So the ships started getting big and boxy and not very pretty. We needed cargo space, a pulse-projection system, and radiation shields. Other than that the ship could look like a giant Mickey Mouse or whatever. Even when launching from the surface of Earth or Venus or Mars or the Moon there was a gigantic ballista like contraption that used magnetic pulses to blast the ship into space, slingshot it around the orbit in about fifteen minutes, and BANG OUT INTO THE COSMOS! Fuck you, Newton!

    Slip-Gates are kind of like, well, I’m sure you read about the Large Hadron Collider in your history classes right? They’re kind of like that. Well, sort of. Back then they were trying to study black holes by smashing atoms into each other at high velocities. Eventually they discovered that if you smashed them together hard enough you could rip the fabric of the Third dimension, into the Fourth, and back into the Third in a different location. Like a little loop. That called a worm hole. They were super unstable though and would collapse fifteen minutes before they were even created. Well, skip ahead to about ten years ago and they’ve figured out how to stretch the worm holes and stabilize them for instantaneous travel. Sometimes there’s problems with after-images or people aging 50 years, and stuff, it’s pretty scary sometimes, so they’re working alternatives. Fuck you, Einstein!

    What? You look sick. Don’t worry; the chance that you’re turned inside out and blasted back in time are only about 14% HERE WE--
    Random quote I thought was funny. Maybe one of ARMORER's idle chatters.

    Whenever I drink water, I like to think that I’m drinking Mickey Mouse heads.

    Weapon ideas:
    melee weapon is a condensed blade of plasma that extends from the MC's wrist. Inspired by the Protoss Zealot's sword in SC. Primary attack is a quick stab and Secondary is a stronger but slower slash.


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