Duelmonsters - Combating the Metagame


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    Duelmonsters - Combating the Metagame

    Post by Trevlac on Wed Dec 17, 2008 12:56 pm

    Right now we have a lot of highly predictable decks out there. The interesting thing about their predictability is that no one has yet taken steps to combat the specific cards which seem to cause the most damage like Dark Armed Dragon, Gorz the Emissary of Darkness, Black Rose Dragon, or Krebons for summoning Synchros. You know the names of these cards, you know they're in just about any tournament-worthy deck. If someone plays Teleport, you know damn well what is coming. Ever wished you could just say "No Dark Armed Dragon!" and it would be so? Apparently you've forgotten about a very useful and underrated card.

    I'm sure you remember a while back, pulling this card from a pack and going "Wow, this is lame. How am I supposed to know what cards my opponent has before they play them?"
    But now with netdecking and suck predictable plays, you DO know what card the opponent has. If someone starts a Teleport, chain Cloak and Dagger and call Dark Armed Dragon. No way anyone is going to risk RFPing their DAD. Same concept if someone passes their turn without doing anything at all. You know damn well they have Gorz, so just flip CaD, call Gorz, and proceed to attack them while they are wide open.

    If you see the opponent has an Extra Deck when the game starts, they either have Krebons or Black Rose Dragon for sure. I'd personally call Krebons since that's the only tuner most people are using right now, and then suddenly, Krebons is useless.

    Even if the opponent takes out your Cloak and Dagger and then summons the monster you declared, you still make out in the deal. You've forced the opponent to play the game by your tempo; they couldn't do what they wanted when they wanted. They had to waste an MST or Twister on your card. Keep doing things like that to them and they won't even be playing their hand anymore, you will.

    That leads me to my next point: control. When people think control the first thing that comes to their mind is "lol, a strategy that doesn't involve killing things, no thanks", but it's not true. If you flip dust tornado and get rid of an opponent's card, and then you set a magic (bluffing) face down with its effect, you now make the opponent wonder what you needed to chain so soon that it can't wait another turn. They'll focus their resources (Heavy, MST, Nobleman of Extermination, whatever) to targeting that card so that they don't get surprised during their turn. The idea is to inflict fear or even limit their options completely. If you play Legendary Ocean and Tornado Wall, the opponent HAS to waste a M/T destruction card on them or he's not going to go for game ever. If you play Toll and Chain Energy, playing M/Ts will become too costly for them and they'll again waste destruction on those.

    By the same token if you summon Exploder Dragon, obviously they'll use their monster destruction effects on it since they know you can take out one of their more powerful monsters with it. You force them to play by your rules and while you're doing that, build card advantage or if it's late game start simplifying the field.

    Once the opponent follows the beat of your drum, he is constantly one step behind playing catch-up. Set up things that make his life hell and cause him to get rid of them. Make your opponent expend his resources rather than conserve them. This whole metagame consists of players conserving their options so if you can turn that around, you basically win.


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