Gaven Cassedy


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    Gaven Cassedy

    Post by Ordin on Tue Sep 22, 2009 9:39 pm

    Gaven Cassedy

    Career: Reaper
    Job: Traveler

    Blood spattered the ground, Gaven's master paused with godly finesse, katana bisecting a man twice his size. With an unearthly groan the sundered man split into two clean sections.

    Shock spilled through the crowd of bloodthirsty bandits, followed by rage. Their leader was killed; and the murderer would pay. Readying their firearms and spells, the laid a barrage into Gaven and his master. The ground around the youth quivered, exploded, raining the pair with dirt.

    "Shit! Zed! What the fuck do I do!?" screamed Gaven, practically climbing into himself.

    "Try not to die, fuck face!" his mastered yelled back, throwing a boot into the boy's back and sending him flying. Gaven scrambled to his feet, running between the legs of a bearded bandit, and toppling off a sheer rockface behind him with traffic cone-like celerity.

    Coming to, he found himself in a small alcove. The battle still raged on the cliff high above, but for now he was safe. Spotting a small cave he delved into its secrets. He was excreted into a treasure-filled grotto which he plundered savagely, stuffing his pockets with forgotten silver of the bandit's oldest finds.

    A small ruby necklace screamed out of the pile, catching the boy's eye. He molested it with his vision, spying the name of his mentor engraved on the back.

    After two failed rescue missions, and one successful one, Zed was finally reunited with his apprentice, the family heirloom was reunited with Zed, and Gaven was reunited with his courage. After seeing Zed take down a legion of men armed to the teeth, he knew what he wanted to be when his balls dropped. A Reaper of Souls.

    A decade later, as per Wutai custom, Gaven left his master and family to travel the world with Charlot in tow. In six years, if he was still alive, he would return for his first job as a fully christened Reaper.

    Gaven has messy straw colored hair and blue eyes. He stands at about 5' 7", with a lanky, medium build. He wears a white scarf decorated with images of bunnies, a multi-purpose camo jacket, and a pair of plain black jeans. The only disconcerting thing about the boy is a Nodachi strapped to his back, nearly as long as he is tall.

    Before he left town Gaven purchased a 6 foot Nodachi he named Bladvak; goblin for "pick axe". He was trained with a regular katana/wakazashi set like the other reapers in his village, but purchased the over-sized weapon as a impulsive, fuck-you to the others.

    Bronze Bangle

    • Ashura - Your weapon becomes invisible (not your body or any part of you.)
    • Reverse - Critical hit ratio is increased greatly for Soul Reapers.
    • Muramasa - Ghost from the weapon makes the enemy act unpredictibly and in some cases sentences them to death. (Adds: Confusion, Death Sentence.)
    • Kikuichimoji - Weapon emits a spiritual mirror image of iteself that speeds toward the enemy. (Uses a non-throw weapon as a throw weapon. Opponent's defense is ignored, spiritual defense is used instead.)


    Ice 2
    Seal 2


    Gil: 920

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    Re: Gaven Cassedy

    Post by Trevlac on Tue Sep 22, 2009 10:25 pm

    Heartily approved and take your 230 gil for today.


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