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    Post by Trevlac on Mon Feb 02, 2009 2:38 am

    The stone floor of the council chamber beat dully as the herald Domino walked gracefully toward Lord Radu's throne. The Camarilla had very strict social rules about who could approach the current coven Lord during a council meeting. Only the herald was allowed to present items, evidence, and generally relate the current issues that were up for debate. It was a ruthless place as each council member knew. Every one of them had an agenda they would push tonight of the most important nights.

    Each century the Lord vampire would go into torpor and another would be reawakened from their slumber. Only council elders who had been elected as Lords could do this. At the moment there were five, Lord Radu, Vector, Lideric, Alkerith, and Despherus. Tonight was special, the council must oversee the rest of Lord Radu and the awakening of Lord Vector. Herald Domino was grim and stony-faced as he faced Radu with his short black hair and piercing eyes. The council was silent. One of the members lept to his feet and strode briskly along the bastion wall where he opened a door and disappeared behind it.

    Lord Radu spoke at last, but only said "Good night". He rose to his full, intimidating height, and tore off the multitude of ancient plate armor that he wore even in these modern times, revealing a muscular and broad chested man beneath. He then followed the council member to the chamber beyond. Everyone knew that he was going to sleep in his coffin and as if on cue, the council member came out bearing a new coffin. Camarilla law dictated that the next to be awoken would be Vector. He was not a pleasant fellow but he did the best that he could for his coven with what was available to him at the time. The council member with his blond hair hanging at the shoulder of his long leather coat heaved the coffin to stand up.

    The entrance to the council chamber burst open and a screaming woman was dragged in as she fought against the two vampires that seemed to be wrenching her from the ground with apparent ease, even enjoying the task. Her face looked into the blond man's crystalline blue eyes, he shot her a pitiful glance before stalking away back into the shadows of his seat along the wall. The two vampires threw the woman of curly raven hair against the coffin that held Vector. She was so stricken with fear now that she did not even move, that made it all the easier for council member Nereza to swiftly behead her from behind. Her last scream erupted and was cut off in only a second, as the still screaming face whirled across the room and the body twitched and fell limp where it simply drained into a river of blood and insides.

    Nereza made to wrench open Vector's slumber chamber and picked up the squirting body of the dead woman, letting it drench their new lord completely. His sinister eyes flicked open and he immediately bent down and drank all of her up. He wasn't a wild animal, he was a Ventrue, a very noble class of royalty who would only drink royal blood. As such, the woman slaughtered was a princess in her land and to Vector, no blood was sweeter than a virgin princess's, Carefully cleaning his withered face and streaking his mane of very long gray hair, he assumed the throne regally and muttered "What is on this century's agenda?"


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